Tercero Wealth is our multi award winning, front-to-back Investment Management Software, Tercero Wealth, is unique and scalable.

Tercero Wealth is a fully integrated, front-to-back office solution built using a common technology and data structure for all aspects of your business.

Our front office suite is the perfect investment management product, providing sophisticated analysis tools and real-time views of client portfolios whilst our middle and back office suites deliver unparalleled performance with the minimum of user intervention, reducing rework, cost and risk.

Client reporting is available in multiple formats, allowing customers to access their portfolio information 24/7 via Tercero Digital.


Wealth CRM

Leveraging market-leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, Wealth CRM has been comprehensively developed to meet the needs of the wealth management industry. It has a highly configurable suite, designed for onboarding, suitability, client management, document management, marketing and compliance. Wealth CRM is available as a standalone product and it can be fully integrated to work alongside all other modules of our financial services software.

Front Office

A complete suite of Investment Management capabilities, the Front Office solution includes portfolio management, valuations, powerful performance analysis, modelling, order management, CGT, compliance, direct market access and integration with Tercero Wealth CRM. Tercero Wealth can either be deployed as a Front Office engine, integrated to a Model B outsourced provider, or as a part of a full Tercero Front to Back solution, supporting self-clearing firms.

Middle & Back Office

A complete suite of Operational and Regulatory capabilities to support self-clearing firms. Tercero Wealth Back Office is seamlessly integrated with all other modules of Tercero Wealth, to simplify historically complex, labour intensive tasks with intelligent automation and minimal user intervention, reducing rework, cost and risk. Includes pre & post trade compliance, fees, corporate actions, trial balance & accounting, settlement & custody, CREST integration, CMAR & CASS compliance, transaction reporting, system wide auditing and oversight.

Client Servicing

Tercero Wealth’s reporting engine enables the delivery of high quality reports with the use of modern, flexible technology designed exclusively for the investment community. Capable of creating sophisticated bespoke or high-volume Client Report batch runs, available on demand via multiple delivery channels. The suite includes the pioneering Tercero Digital offering, which uses state of the art web technologies to deliver a wide range of read-only & transactional capabilities for customers, across multiple devices.


Cost & Increased Operational Efficiency

Tercero Wealth automates many of the repetitive and manual operational processes firms deploy, including reconciliations of stock and cash. This helps drive cost effective business growth by increasing efficiency, reducing risk and lowering headcount costs.

Compliance & Oversight

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, Tercero Wealth puts compliance at the forefront of everything. Offering market-leading support for MiFID, RDR, CDD, Suitability, FATCA, CRS & CASS, Tercero Wealth continually strives to stay ahead of the curve and this is evident in its latest 2017 MiFID II compliant version.

Integrated Solution

Tercero Wealth is a single solution, with a single data model from a single vendor. This presents significant benefits, including process efficiency, IT cost & time savings, minimised system complexity, plus real-time visibility, traceability and management information.

Deployment Flexibility

Tercero Wealth can be available on the premises, or hosted in a secure, Tier 3 UK data centre with full DR capability, and offered as a managed service. Customers can spend more time adding value and less on managing IT systems.