The software that underpins all our products and services is the multi award winning Tercero from Third Financial Software.

Third Financial has a passion for delivering cutting edge products. Our domain experts, with decades of experience, create advanced technology solutions needed in today’s dynamic environment. We are rightly proud of our reputation as leaders in our market.

Built from the ground up, Tercero is the culmination of all this domain knowledge and technology skills, and has created the most sophisticated wealth management product available today.

Our continued investment into the product, including our latest Tercero Digital initiative and ongoing commitment to meeting regulatory requirements means Tercero will remain at the forefront.

Fresh Thinking

Single Technology Stack

Tercero is a Microsoft based product. The technologies used are well understood and supported in the market.

As with the development tools and system architecture, the hardware requirements for Tercero are Intel/Microsoft based. Nothing proprietary is required other than the Tercero applications themselves. The skillsets required to run the hardware are also commonly available.

The hardware can be both physical boxes or virtualised.


One of the key essentials in the success of Tercero has been our collaboration with our clients.

Many millions have been spent developing the product, and although we have considerable domain expertise ourselves, Tercero has been created in conjunction with our customers.

Whether it is software features and functions where we engage with investment practitioners, or systems and I.T. teams responsible for managing infrastructure, we strive to produce a system that delivers what firm’s need, is easy to deploy and cost effective to own.

Comprehensive Connectivity

In addition to numerous interfaces to leading market data vendors and custodians, the Tercero Web API exposes a rich collection of core Tercero functions with full read, create and update capability for contacts, clients, portfolios, security trading, cash transactions, valuations, documents and much more.

The API can be deployed to provide integration between Tercero and external systems, for example, bulk data updates or extracts. As is the case with our own Tercero Digital product, the API can be used as the underlying building blocks for a consumer web site or application; the Tercero security model and data segregation rules are fully respected

The highly skilled Digital development team offers consultancy and training to firms wishing to build their own Robo or onboarding solutions based upon the Tercero Web API.

Our Approach

The Tercero software solution was designed from the ground up and its single data model and intelligent integration of functions address the major challenges of legacy systems. Our approach allows firms to manage more assets, with less risk and greater flexibility than ever before.

Tercero provides benefits across a broad range of activities including client acquisition and servicing, portfolio management and asset servicing and operations.

The components of the Tercero software platform operate across a single set of books and records to provide the efficiency, control and oversight needed today.