Tercero Digital is a pioneering client-facing portal which supports a wide range of customer types, including Execution-only, Advisory and Discretionary business.

Built specifically for the Investment Management community, it allows you to deliver the rich online experience needed in the new digital age.

Device independent, Tercero Digital will allow you to engage with your customers in the manner expected by today’s changing demographic; digitally.


Client Onboarding

Tercero Digital features comprehensive support for client onboarding; whether Introducer led or customers directly registering themselves online.

For Introducers, Tercero Digital is completely integrated with our CRM capability allowing for the complete tracking of a prospect. Pre-populated, on-brand product application forms can be downloaded directly from Tercero Digital.

Direct consumer support is provided allowing individuals to register, create portfolios, fund accounts and deal. Integrated links with credit references and ID verification is supported.

Improved Communication

The Tercero Web API exposes a rich collection of core system functions with full read, create and update capability for contacts, clients, portfolios, security trading, cash transactions, valuations, documents and much more.

The Tercero Web API can be used as the building blocks for a consumer web site or application; the Tercero security model and data segregation rules are fully respected.

The highly skilled TFS Digital development team offers strategic consultancy and training to firms wishing to build their own Robo or onboarding solutions based upon the Tercero Web API.

Online Dealing

Tercero Digital will provide support for customers wishing to run their own execution-only accounts and needing access to the market.

In addition to this, the system will offer all the tools needed by today’s self-investor such as market research & information, pricing, watch lists & limits.


With its comprehensive support for corporate branding, Tercero Digital allows firms to truly establish their digital presence.

Furthermore, our branding capabilities provide white-labelling opportunities for firms looking to extend their investment management services.

Coupled with our rich online feature set means firms can deliver a great online experience that reinforces their brand.


Digital Coming of Age

For younger consumers, the ability to communicate via web technologies is becoming both an expectation and the norm. The ability to remotely engage with this demographic provides a flexibility of approach, enabling you to manage more customers, more efficiently.

Growing Your Business

Whether targeting ‘millennials’, or self-investors, or seeking to enhance your offering to existing customers, Tercero Digital will provide growth opportunities by opening up the digital arena. Everything can be deployed cost effectively, as we allow you to license only the components you need.

Engaging Customer Experience

Tercero Digital delivers a wide range of cutting-edge functions and transactional capability, designed to fully engage your clients in the service you are providing. Here ease of use is paramount, and customers can configure their own dashboards to meet their individual needs and priorities.

Speed to Market

Tercero Digital is the only proposition on the market that has been developed by a company whose sole focus is impacting the UK Investment Management industry. It is seamlessly integrated with our Tercero Wealth and Tercero Cloud.