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Built specifically for the investment management community, Tercero Digital Wealth allows you to deliver the online capabilities needed in the new digital age.
Whether offering robo-guidance and the necessary on-boarding for new business, or feature rich online access for existing customers, Tercero Digital Wealth will support a wide range of customer types including execution-only, Advisory and Discretionary business.
Device independent, Tercero Digital Wealth will allow you to engage with your customers in the manner expected by today’s changing demographic; digitally.



  • Business Focus

    Digital coming of age

    For younger consumers, the ability to communicate via web technologies is becoming an expectation and the norm. The use of Tercero Digital Wealth to remotely engage with this demographic will deliver a flexibility of approach that means you can manage more customers, more efficiently, with a service offering that can develop as your firm grows. Key to this is our comprehensive support for the provision of robo-guidance and the on-boarding processes required for automated investment retailing.

  • Efficiency

    Growing your business

    Whatever your target market; ‘millennials’, self-investors, existing customers, Tercero Digital Wealth will provide growth opportunities by opening up the ‘digital’ arena and help you capture new business or extend the services you offer to existing customers. By allowing you to only licence the components you need, means that Tercero Digital Wealth can be deployed cost effectively.

  • Technology


    Tercero Digital Wealth delivers a wide range of cutting-edge functions and transactional capability, designed to engage your clients in the service you are providing to them. Paramount to this is the ease of use for the consumer, for example, customers can configure their own dashboards to meet their individual needs and priorities.

  • Flexible

    Speed to the market

    Tercero Digital Wealth is seamlessly integrated with our Tercero Software and Platform. For existing users of Tercero, this means reduced cost and implementation effort enabling you to get to market quickly with a new digital offering. Furthermore, Tercero Digital Wealth is the only proposition that has been developed by a company whose sole focus is the UK Investment Management sector and its state of the art capability is built by experts who understand this market.

  • Market Leading

    Building your brand

    Customer and business relationships are hard won and it is important, therefore, that the look and feel of your online proposition reflects the identity of your firm and service. To support this, Tercero Digital Wealth can be branded to meet the proprietary needs of your firm or partner, enabling increased marketability and ownership of the ultimate customer relationship.

  • Experience


    The component based approach of Tercero Digital Wealth enables a firm to decide which tools, information and guidance you wish to make available to consumers. Components will include robo-guidance, on-boarding, market access (trading), modelling, CGT, corporate action processing, communication with account executives, and investment alerts. You need only utilise the specific features of Tercero Digital Wealth that suit your business model, to help to expand it.

Tercero Digital Wealth

Key Features

Tercero Digital Wealth is a client-facing web application with several features specifically designed to provide a much richer experience for the end user.

Robo-guidance Robo-guidance



To assess consumer risk and suitability, Tercero Digital Wealth has the capability for you to define the guidance and on-boarding process. Ultimately, this leads to the customer associated with an appropriate investment model or strategy whereupon our rebalancing engine will cost effectively manage these accounts. Built-in compliance gives complete oversight of the investment process, allowing a full retrospective audit of the customer choices and decisions.

Enhanced Portal Enhanced Portal

Enhanced Portal

Enhanced Portal

Tercero Digital Wealth is an enhanced customer portal that goes beyond traditional online offerings, providing the customer with online access to an in-depth and wide-ranging suite of features such as analytics, performance, regulatory reporting, dealing, transactions and documentation.

Access to Dealing Access to Dealing

Access to Dealing

Access to Dealing

Tercero Digital Wealth will provide support for customers wishing to run their own execution-only accounts and needing access to the market. In addition to this Tercero Digital Wealth will provide the regulatory reporting, CGT, CTC etc. needed by these customers. Additionally, all the advanced features of Tercero Digital Wealth will be available.

Communication Communication

Communication with Investment Manager / Relationship Manager


Supporting several channels; email, notice boards, secure messaging, Tercero Digital Wealth will allow investment managers, intermediaries, relationship managers etc. to really engage with your customers. Furthermore, support is provided for firms to present their own content fund launches, news, market commentary to the consumer.