London based, Third Financial Software Ltd, are delighted to announce that its hotly anticipated Digital Wealth offering was shipped on time, at the end of 2016.

The Digital Wealth offering from Third Financial comes in two ‘versions’: Foundation and Enterprise. Tercero Digital Wealth Foundation (TDW Foundation) is a feature-limited version. It’s predominantly read only and replaces the old Investor Portal and iPad applications from Third Financial.TDW Foundation is a unique web-based application that functions in tandem with Third Financial Software’s, multi award winning, Tercero Software.Tercero Software is widely regarded as the most contemporary, integrated front to back office wealth management system available today, and has one of the largest installed client bases in the country.TDW Foundation provides users with a range of comprehensive, powerful and easy to use features, useable across a wide range of devices, far exceeding capabilities of existing online investment management portals.

The new offering is proving so innovative that four existing clients that have elected to upgrade to the new capability and implementation has begun in earnest.TDW Foundation currently provides state of the art capabilities including a complete wealth overview, current and historic valuations, portfolio analysis with dynamic charting, comprehensive performance measurement breakdowns, transaction enquiries for cash and stock, a summary of recent activity across all accounts, end consumer definable dashboards and document delivery and repository.TDW Foundation sits within a simple, single application that runs on any operating system, and device as well as an updated look and feel with easy navigation. These include dynamic themes, colours and fonts, making for a sleek and navigable user experience.

Tercero Digital Wealth Enterprise (TDW Enterprise), the second version available to market, builds upon the TDW Foundation version by allowing users to take add on modules that extend the capabilities of the product, allowing them to create bespoke digital solutions.TDW Foundation offers clients the basis for Third Financials’ TDW Enterprise solution, which will include ‘robo capabilities’. This ‘upgrade’ will be offered to all Tercero Digital Wealth Foundation users over the course of 2017 but will also be offered to new clients looking to bolt on a ‘robo capability’ to existing portal software.

This unique ‘bolt on’ offering will allow new clients the chance to revolutionise their existing wealth management software without having to invest in the full Tercero Software offering.What’s more, TFS’ Tercero Platform clients will also be able to access the upgrade earlier than anticipated. Initially, TFS intended to make Tercero Platform users wait for TDW Enterprise, but they are now able to deliver TDW Foundation to Platform clients to ensure they are on the road to a ‘Digital World’ sooner than planned. Implementation has begun for a handful of Tercero Platform clients already.TDW Enterprise will include cutting edge ‘robo capabilities’. Key amongst these capabilities are: Sales & On Boarding, Dealing and Payment Processing, Two-Way Manager Messaging and Notice Boards facilities. In addition, it will include support for Modelled Portfolio Services, enhanced traditional Discretionary Management or Execution only business models.  Peter Caddick, CEO of Third Financials’ Digital Wealth offering, comments:

“One of the key things we wanted to achieve with our Digital Wealth solution was a product that really met the needs of UK Wealth and Investment Managers.This is not just in the short term, but something that we intend to extend and build upon as this dynamic, new market evolves.We took our time and learnt from some of the false starts we’ve witnessed in the market before we decided on our approach and it is really paying dividends now.Feedback from both clients and prospects has been fantastic. I believe the use of cutting edge technologies along with our in-depth domain knowledge has resulted in a truly compelling proposition for any firm looking to embrace the digital revolution.”